Joe Eyles


My name is Joe Eyles, and I am a Mathematics graduate. I currently work as a programmer at Matchbox Mobile. I completed a first class Masters in Mathematics from the University of Sussex in 2013. I run a University Judo club. Throughout university I worked as a Maths Tutor, teaching GCSE and A-levels over the internet at You can download my CV here, and you can contact me at

In the past I have worked with a robotics research group at the University of Portsmouth. I was researching eye tracking methods (finding the eyes in an image of a face, or a webcam feed). I then used this to aproximate the gaze location on a computer screen. I programmed in both C++ and Matlab to create my own method, which was as effective as many of the existing methods. We published a paper to an IEEE journal. Go to here and search for "Joe Eyles". For more information, see my blog.