The Crouching Man
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Scriptwriter for 2000 AD and Sonic the Comic
PARAsites PARAsites

Cyberpunk virtual reality internet thriller featuring a reincarnated King Arthur

Wire Heads Wire Heads

Cyberspace, nanotechnology, intrigue, conflict

Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog

Appearing in a Cam 'n Bert strip

Zonerunner Tails

Appearing as The Zonerunner

Tails Tails

Appearing in The Morbidden Hunt

Golden Axe Golden Axe

Ax-Battler, Tyris-Flare and Gilius-Thunderhead

Blink of an Eye Blink of an Eye

Time is distorted as a group of strangers are abducted and whisked across the galaxy

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